Breathing and Moving

Methods that go beyond "talking" allow us to work on a deeper level.

Breathwork is a special process utilizing a connected breathing technique.

The direct emotional experience in the here and now helps to find hidden energy and process trauma.

Steps of transformation

allow, open and observe
This can be an emotion like pain or fear, your own shadow or what is holding you back
let go
This can take place on the physical or mental level
Returning to our authentic selves, energy, natural calmness...

Bioenergetics, trauma release and emotional release therapy

During the session I can support on different levels. I have experience with Bioenergetics, Trauma Release and Emotional Release Therapy. The basic idea is that our emotions (and especially preverbal experiences) are reflected and stored in the body. By getting into contact, there is space for release.

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Ongoing scientific research

Studies on the (neuro)physiological effects of breathwork

We measured the effects of connected breathing on the brain (with EEG) and psychological well-being at the University of Amsterdam.

The manuscript is currently being reviewed in a scientific journal for publication. After publication, results will be reported here.

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